Common Causes Truck Drivers Get Into an Accident

Truck AccidentTraffic accidents happen every day and it is not picky when choosing its victim. You can be driving a car, a motorcycle or a truck and still wind up in an accident.

As a truck driver, however, you need to be aware that accidents can happen anytime, anywhere and especially if you are bringing a rented semi trailer with you. Southern Cross Truck Rentals says that you need to have a valid driver’s licence of the correct class (Light Rigid, Medium Rigid or Heavy Rigid), depending on the actual truck you will be driving.

Even if you do have the correct licence, it is still not a guarantee of a safe passage. Some accidents result from the negligence of the driver.

What are these common causes of accidents?

Not Keeping Your Eyes on the Road

Drivers who do not maintain their focus while driving will definitely end up in an accident. Minimise, if not eliminate, any visual distractions before you start driving. This includes attending to your mobile phone. If you need to make a quick phone call or send a short text message to a friend or family member, pull over to a safe area.


In Australia, fatigue accounts for 20% of fatal crashes. Always remember that you should never attempt to drive if you are not physically and mentally prepared. If you have a long way to go, do not forget to take regular breaks.

Going Over the Speed Limit

Everyone wants to get to his or her destination as quickly as possible. But, this should never an excuse for over speeding. It is not about you getting to your destination in record time; it is about reaching your destination safely by observing the appropriate speed limits.

Accidents can be fatal, but many of them are completely avoidable. By familiarising yourself with these common causes, you are less likely to end up as the next victim of a crash or collision.

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