Celebrating Christmas: Spending It Apart from Your Loved Ones

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Traveling is a wonderful thing. There’s nothing quite like it. Seeing different sights, hearing different sounds, experiencing different cultures, and enjoying all of it are things that a lot of people can only dream of.

People travel for different reasons. Some do out of leisure and go on vacation to different parts of the world. Others go out because their work requires them to relocate, such as working for a stillage cage manufacturing company or a multinational pharmaceutical company. Still, others decide to uproot to start a new life elsewhere.

Whatever their reasons are, people who get a lot of travel time end up being the envy of their friends and families. Unknown to those left behind, as exciting as seeing the world is, things can get really lonely, and those who go out tend to experience homesickness a lot. Especially around the holidays

Dealing with When Spending the Holidays Away from Home

Fear of missing out

When you spend the holidays away from your family, chances are you will get an overwhelming sense that something is missing in your life, and you start to feel that Christmas won’t be the same apart from your loved ones. A lot of people who are abroad usually get this feeling that they’re missing out on a lot.


The dread of missing out on a lot of fun and heartwarming things that family reunions bring further amplifies the sense of loneliness of being miles away, especially at this time of the year.

Holiday Traditions

Almost every family has their own set of holiday traditions. Whether it’s setting up the tree or preparing Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner together, these are things that are a staple inside your homes as part of your holiday celebrations. Being far away from home means you miss out on these traditions, which makes the heart grow fonder for home.

How to Spend Christmas Away from Home

1. Facetime with your loved ones

It may not be the same as being physically present but spending a few minutes with your loved ones daily or weekly can help get you through loneliness. Set a schedule with your loved ones and mark it on your calendar, especially when you’re in different time zones.

2. Look for holiday treats that make you feel at home

If you’re relatively new to your current location, you can distract yourself by going around hunting for local holiday treats or ones that are more familiar to help bring a bit of familiarity and comfort your way.

3. Start new holiday traditions

Since you’re missing out on some holiday traditions back home, why don’t you start your own holiday traditions where you’re at? This will help make things a lot more fun and exciting for you. Plus, they will make for great stories to tell your loved ones when you talk to them.

4. Binge-watch Christmas-themed movies and TV shows

Wherever you are in the world, chances are, technology is present (unless you’re way out in the boondocks or some other isolated place). You can access the internet or some streaming services and binge-watch on some of your favourite holiday movies or look up ones you haven’t watched yet.

5. Learn and enjoy local holiday traditions

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Your time away from home will be better spent if you immerse yourself in the local culture and find out how they spend this season — what they do, what they eat, where they hang out, and other similar stuff. Explore and make it exciting for yourself.

6. Listen to Christmas music

There’s something about music that takes you back to familiar surroundings and brings back fond memories. Listen to some Christmas tunes that remind you of your childhood or home. This will help make you feel better and not as lonely because of how it connects you to your home.

7. Learn to prepare your favourite Christmas dishes

Occupy yourself by learning how to prepare some of your all-time favourite Christmas dishes. This way, you can distract yourself and stay productive. Plus, it would be a nice surprise to your family when you return home and prep Christmas dinner for them. That’s a homecoming everyone will be looking forward to.

Instead of being sad and wallowing in self-pity, make the most out of your situation. It’s normal to feel a little lonely and sad when you’re away from your loved ones at this season, but it shouldn’t take away your joy. You still have a lot of things to celebrate and be thankful for, even if you’re miles away. It’s all a matter of perspective.

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