Can Keratin Treatments Really Revitalise Damaged Hair?

Revitalise Damaged Hair

Revitalise Damaged HairHair damage is one of many women’s worst nightmares. A lot of things can cause it, such as heat styling devices, harsh chemicals in hair colours, relaxers, straighteners, perms and over brushing. But, do you know how exactly these treatments can damage your hair?

Defining Hair Damage

Hair damage occurs when an element degrades the keratin proteins that make up the hair’s outer cuticle layer, which acts as the protective layer for the hair’s inner core or cortex. This keratin protein layer fits together with the cells overlapping to provide an airtight and waterproof barrier. Hair damage happens when something causes these keratin protein cells to lift up and separate from each other.

With a damaged layer, your hair’s cortex gets no protection, making it susceptible to friction, chemicals and heat. Likewise, keratin proteins make up the hair cortex. It’s similar to a rope in structure and when harsh elements damage it, the cortex begins to fray and rip, leaving you with beat-up hair inside out.

Keratin Treatment for Damaged Hair

Real keratin is probably the most suitable solution in restoring damaged hair. The hairstylists from Salon E also recommend a keratin hair treatment for dry and frizzy locks. Professionals use this innovative conditioning service because it’s effective in replacing the keratin in your damaged hair.

Some Precautions

Watch out for some DIY hair treatment products as not all of them are the same. Make sure that the keratin in your product or treatment has the same function and form as the natural keratin. This ensures that the product works exactly like your hair’s natural keratin, performing its job of patching up frayed cortex and smoothening out the damaged outer layer.

Professional keratin treatment is labour-intensive and only licensed technicians with the proper training must carry out the service. Otherwise, your situation might get worse, leaving you with more hair damage, or worse, hair loss, instead of revitalised hair.

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