Birthday Gift Ideas for Different Types of Dads

Daughter kissing father after giving the gift

Choosing a birthday gift for a special person can take time and some serious thinking. This can become even more challenging when that special person you intend to surprise is your father.

One good rule of thumb is to consider his latest or possibly longest hobby or interest. He could be into paintball right now, but deep down he will always be a baseball fan. In which case you can look at sports radar guns for sale or other sports-related items as possible gift items.

Depending on what kind of dad your father really is, here are some tips for finding possible gifts that he will love.

The Corporate Dad

These dads are polished and would love crisp, timeless and elegant items. Some gift suggestions are the classic white button-down shirt, Italian leather shoes, cuff-links, silk necktie, and if you have extra budget, perhaps a classy watch and a luxury briefcase. He will surely appreciate the quality and luxury of these gifts.

The On-the-Go Dad

Some dads work in the field so they are always on the go and traveling. This kind of fathers would love gift items that can make travel more comfortable and convenient. Travel bags, laptop bags and set luggage will keep his clothing and things in perfect condition during his travels. A neck pillow may be inexpensive, but he would really love the thoughtfulness of having this gift.

The Gadget Dad

Father and son playing tablet

Gadget dads would love having the latest gear and the right accessories for his gadgets. A personalized charging station or pod for his phone, music player and Bluetooth accessories is a good gift idea. He might also be interested in playing with virtual reality games so a VR box can be added to this list. Aside from that other gadget for consideration are an action camera, entertainment station and a big television screen.

The Do-It-Yourself Dad

Hobby dads love to tinker around the house to work on different projects. Consider giving him a complete toolbox or a piece of new equipment like a power drill, buffer and others. Dads love receiving gifts that are related to their hobbies because they know that you seriously think about their interests.

The Sporty Dad

Almost all dads love sports. Whether it is basketball, baseball, football, boxing, tennis or golf, dads have a soft spot for them. Sports (and we do not mean watching games on TV) keep them active. It also allows them to spend quality time with their children.

There is nothing more heartwarming than watching a father teach his young son or daughter how to play baseball, basketball or football. If your dad is not into sports that much, you can try giving him a gift certificate to try archery or paintball. Season tickets to the games will also work.

Dads are appreciative of gifts they receive from their loved ones, whether it is as simple as a grooming kit, a personalized mug or comfy bedroom sleepers. For them, it is always the thought that counts!

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