2 Factors that Ruin HVAC at Home

Overly Used HVAC SystemCooling systems like air conditioning units make hot, humid days tolerable. It keeps our homes cool and dry and our bodies safe from moist-related harms. A problem, however, occurs when this unit's strength also becomes its weakness. 

That happens when we begin and become used to depending on these units solely. Larsen HVAC explains that it manifests in two ways often without homeowners realizing it.

Lack of Knowledge

HVAC systems have three central functions: heating, cooling, and ventilation. If one of these lacks or over in control, one aspect of this complex mechanical device will be doing more job than necessary. That can result in several undesirable issues, such as the unit not performing at its optimum level, more energy consumption, or untimely repair.

Reading the system's manual and asking installers for tips can help homeowners understand such devices better. Asking technician's opinions about certain environmental factors will also help. These include how the design and layout of a home affect indoor temperature; how lighting, equipment and number of people can contribute to HVAC load; and the maximum load capacity of your unit. Or better yet, consult the home's architect or designer. 


The first problem can result to sub-issues like misuse of HVAC systems. Air-conditioners, in particular, cannot independently control temperature and humidity. In fact, dehumidification is only incidental in its main job of controlling temperature. In areas where humidity is high, modern air-conditioners must be used as it dehumidifies as it cools. When it becomes a health threat, it calls for an independent dehumidifier. 

Did you know that setting thermostat in fan on mode brings more moisture to the air? Using exhaust fans during moisture-producing activities as well as opening windows during humid days in Salt Lake City causes the same. 

True, heating and air conditioning systems are reliable temperature-controlling equipment. Homeowners that know better know how to enhance this reliability and when not to abuse it. Therefore, make familiarization of your units your goal.

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