You May Still Have that Dental Implant Even with Insufficient Bone

Obstacle to Dental Implants

Obstacle to Dental ImplantsWith all the positive feedbacks from other patients, you may be convinced that the best option for teeth replacement is getting dental implants. But there is that fear that you may not be an ideal candidate, as there is not enough natural bone for support. This may have been due to an injury, gum disease, wearing dentures for so long or bone loss due to teeth removal.

While it’s true that dental implants require a strong foundation, your present condition should not be an obstacle. Once you visit a dentist in Leicester, they will explain why you should not worry, since there are ways to rebuild the bone needed for the implant. As an overview, here are some techniques that dentists may use:

  • Bone Grafting. A common procedure that is safe and effective is bone grafting. This involves adding bone to the jaw by making use of bones from other parts or from a donor. You may even use synthetic bone materials. This procedure is not complicated and may be performed in your dentist’s clinic.
  • Sinus Lift. The dental practice Aesthetic Smiles says implants may not be suitable for you if you have little space between the sinus cavity and the jaw. Also called sinus elevation or augmentation, this procedure is ideal when missing teeth are from the upper back portion. Here the sinus cavity may enlarge with the loss of the natural bone. To provide a foundation for the implant, your dentist may perform a procedure that will add bone in the area below the sinus.
  • Ridge Expansion. In some cases the jaw may not be wide enough to accommodate an implant. Under this situation, you may undergo a procedure called ridge expansion. Bone will be added to a ridge that will be located along the top of the jaw.

This is just an overview of the options available when you feel that there is not enough bone to support a dental implant. Your dentist will explain your choices fully when you make inquiries.

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