Extraordinary Love Stories In Films Featuring Drug Themes

Extraordinary Love Stories

Extraordinary Love Stories Do you still believe in true love? These movies are about drugs and finding your true love in spite of it.

Charlie Bartlett

In this 2007 movie, Susan (Kat Dennings) and Charlie (Anton Yelchin) are seen dealing with prescription drugs. Also, they had fallen in love with each other. Charlie is a quirky character with a penchant for giving advice and distributing prescription drugs at the boys’ bathroom. Despite his status as a dealer, he was able to help Susan with her addiction.


Jesse Eisenberg and Kristen Stewart team up for this 2009 movie. James (Eisenberg), who likes to indulge in marijuana, falls in love with Em (Stewart).


Dan (Heath Ledger) is a poet while Candy (Abbie Cornish) is an art student. They’re both addicted to heroin when they fell in love with each other. This 2006 movie gives the viewer a look into how drug users feel and see the world. The film has three acts representing the Heaven, Earth, and Hell of relationships and drug abuse.

Leaving Las Vegas

In this 1995 romantic drama film, an alcoholic named Ben (Nicolas Cage) meets Sera (Elisabeth Shue), a prostitute. He falls in love with her. In this strangely touching story of love and obsession, Ben dies in the way that most people probably wouldn’t mind – through erotic asphyxiation.

Rachel Getting married

In this beautiful film with a great musical score, Anne Hathaway portrays Kym, a former drug rehab for women patient who clashes with her straight-laced sister Rachel (Rosemary Dewitt). Many women suffering with addiction can relate to Kym with her anxiety, edginess, and quick temper.


Ross (Jason Schwartzman), a drug addict, meets Nikki (Brittany Murphy) and falls for her. The 2002 film is a dark comedy and drama that also portrays rape and acceptance. Albeit chaotic and relentlessly wicked, the movie portrays an incredible story of succumbing into addiction and still being able to change yourself.

All these movies are great because they show that you can find love and acceptance despite drug abuse. You can even recover from it. Just remember that you don’t have to do drugs to find true love.

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