Going Diesel: Amazing Reasons to Get DEF-Powered Equipment


DieselThinking about making the switch to diesel but not quite sure yet if it is better to stick to gas? In such a case, you need to learn more about what makes modern diesel-engine-operated devices better than their gasoline-run cousins.

Here are just a few reasons equipment with diesel exhaust fluid (such as from certifieddef.com) are making their way back into many industries, stronger than ever.

Diesel is energy-richer than regular gas.

Diesel is costlier compared to gas, but it delivers more energy to cars and heavy machines. According to WyoTech, diesels can convert their fuel 15 to 20 per cent greater than gas. This means that, you would spend less time visiting refilling stations.

Diesel-engine-powered machines retain their value better.

With fewer cars and machines running on diesel, they are able to retain much of their value throughout the years. In fact, they hold their value a lot better than their gas-fuelled counterparts. In the automobile industry, diesel-run cars also outperform hybrids in this area.

Lower price premium compared to hybrids and electrics.

While gasoline is still the cheapest option for powering cars and heavy machines, the fact that diesel is richer in energy already makes it more attractive. It is definitely better than hybrids, as these have twice the price premium as diesel. Diesel’s price premium over gasoline is only a fraction of what you will overpay when you have an electric automobile or heavy equipment.

Greater power.

Trucks and heavy equipment running on diesel outclass their gasoline counterparts in many ways, with power being one of them. Diesel-powered machines deliver greater power, which means greater towing, hauling, and other power-intensive capabilities.

One of the most commonly sought-after diesel engine heavy machines is the pallet truck, an integral piece of equipment in the warehouse industry. Thanks to reliable DEF pallet vendors, you can now enjoy a much lower cost of pallet truck ownership, so make sure you consider investing in one ASAP.

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