You Do Not Have to Keep Buying New Office Upholstery

Furnished Living Room Set in AucklandOne of the biggest and most expensive furnishings in any office or commercial establishment is the collection of upholstered furniture pieces, such as chairs and couches. Although they may last for a long time, upholstery can quickly degrade depending on a number of factors. Apart from the normal wear and tear, abuse, neglect, as well as spills and stains that you do not clean right away, contribute to reducing the quality of the upholstery. 

The complexity of cleaning upholstery

Remember: cleaning upholstery the right way involves a complex and complicated procedure. The method of cleaning also depends on the fabric used, as well as the severity of the stain. Some types of upholstery are more prone to staining and harder to clean while others are more prone to mould. So before you buy new furniture for your office, it pays to learn the basics about these important office components.

Most difficult to clean

Woven fabric upholstery are typically the hardest to clean since the weaves can easily capture and trap hair, dirt and other types of debris. Also, keep in mind that lighter-coloured fabrics are more difficult to clean.

Upholstery maintenance

Maintenance depends on the type of fabric used in the upholstered furniture. Some require more maintenance while others less. So consider this before you buy another piece of furniture for your office. And while there are plenty of stain removal products and protective solutions on the market, almost all of them will still leave you with a stained, dirty or filthy upholstery. The worst thing that can happen is the use of the wrong solution, which can leave serious damage on the upholstery.

To ensure you get the most out of your office’s upholstered furnishings, Allbrite Services Ltd recommends getting commercial upholstery cleaners routinely vacuum your furniture, and have all spills cleaned right away.


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