Why Should Your Family Live In the Suburbs?

choosing where to settle

choosing where to settleFor starting families, it’s always a question between settling down in the metropolitan and the suburbs. When deciding, you consider certain factors, such as demographics, distance to work, cost, weather, crime rate, among others.

While living in the city can have its upsides, like ease of public transportation and proximity to commercial establishments, reflect on the perks of raising your family in the suburbs.

A Sense of Community

ManorLakes.com.au believes that building a rapport with your neighbours not only ensures the safety of your family, but creates a peaceful environment for everyone. You are likelier to achieve this in a suburban area than any other type of community.

As people have fewer distractions, unlike the busy clubs and events in the city, it gives them more opportunities to engage with their neighbours as a form of recreation, like afternoon picnics at the park and dinner parties over the weekend. There are also occasional town events and acquaintance parties, where the residents can bring food and socialise.

The family and community-oriented nature of suburbia is what makes it ideal for starting families.

Bigger Houses and More Space

The most obvious difference between the suburbs and rural areas is the availability of space. In the suburbs, you have more room to move and opportunities to buy bigger houses, whereas cities tend to get overcrowded and have limited space for everything – housing, transportation, even recreation.

The feeling of confinement can have negative physical and psychological effects, while open spaces offer people more freedom to do and think.

A Safe and Cleaner Environment

With more forestation and fewer vehicles, suburban areas have generally less pollution. Several park enclosures are all over the community, with tall trees lined up along sidewalks, giving you and your family fresher air.

A major disadvantage of city living is the alarming crime rate. Take your family to a neighbourhood with a safer and more peaceful setting, where you can roam the streets without having to look over your shoulder every five minutes.

Educational Benefits

Suburban schools are likelier to offer better education than those in metropolitan areas. With a good balance of students and employed workforce, schools are able to provide specialised and more standardised training.

Deciding where to settle down is one of the biggest steps you’ll make in your life. In the end, it’s not about what the place can offer, but the environment, the kind of people, and the facilities that you think are best for you.

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