What Bidirectional People Counters Can Do For You

People CounterPeople counters serve a bigger purpose than just counting heads. They have allowed businesses from different industries use these technologies to maximize profits and returns of investment. By making the most of these systems, you will get valuable and reliable data that reveal conversion rates, efficient staff deployment and the effectivity of marketing efforts.

CountWise says bidirectional people counters are some of the more extensive counting systems that allow these benefits. They include video and thermal-based sensors that can track people’s movement in and out of the establishment and in different directions. They also give a more detailed view of the traffic, showing the number of the guests, what they do and where they go.

Let’s look at these capabilities more closely:

Bidirectional people counters can measure your conversion rates more accurately

One of the most crucial business metrics is the percentage of visitors entering your shop and actually making a purchase. With their ability to track the number of people entering and exiting at a certain time, bidirectional people counters provide an accurate and more detailed insight about your conversion rates.

Bidirectional people counters can assist in effective staff deployment

Customer service is another important factor in determining your ability to turn visitors into sales. Bidirectional people counters help you in this area by tracking traffic flows and density patterns. They give you an insight about the number of needed staff at which time and at which department.

For example, departments such as jewelry, home decorating and cosmetics need more customer engagement to increase chances of a sale.

Bidirectional people counters can measure marketing effectivity

The accurate data about conversion rates and traffic density patterns are vital in evaluating success of both global marketing efforts and small in-house promotions. The analyses provided by bidirectional people counters are needed in determining CMP (cost per thousand), one of the basic metrics in retail business.

When utilized to their full extent, bidirectional people counters do more than just give you a basic understanding of your business performance. The accurate and detailed they provide allow you to determine weak spots and find long-term solutions.

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