When Should You Use Microsoft SQL Server Over Microsoft Access?

SQL Server

All businesses, corporate, and government departments have computerised all their operations in the last couple of years. Microsoft has tried to keep pace with the demands and have come up with amazing software and tools to meet the requirements of the various clients.

SQL Server

Microsoft Access and the Microsoft SQL Server are two such tools, which the business world nowadays cannot do without. The main advantage of the Access is its capacity to build systems that can manage a whole range of activities in a short time.

Access has been prevalent over the last few years but some corporation had reduced development in Access due to security issues.

The second option is more secure

Access databases in extremely high security locations in defense, hospital and education department are not recommended. Trouble shooting is good but the data can be insecure in Access, as it can be copied into a CD or pen drive without leaving a trace.

Dbaservices.com.au, provider of professional remote SQL Server Support services, maintains that the second tool is more popular because of the following reasons:

– Microsoft SQL Server is a preferred option for business environment as it is a commercial database option. Its vital role is just to store data securely.

– Access allows the user to build an interactive user interface and thus, enter data. However, the second tool simply stores the data within its tables. It does not have the capacity to provide front-end options, which make it difficult to access.

– Microsoft SQL Server can store voluminous data in the form of texts, numbers, photographs, videos etc. It has the ability to handle terra bytes worth of such data. Access can also store but it has its limitations. It can only handle around one gigabyte of data.

– Copying or duplicating the data from SQL Server is not easy as it is in Access, without the administrator knowing about it; hence, the data stored is more secure.

The best option is to use Access for the front-end activities, which does not require much security and use the other option for data storage. Access can be used exclusively, when the security of the data is not important, the volume is less and you need it to be mobile.

It is advisable to develop a system, wherein the data is stored securely with the log-in integrated with the Active Directory security system.

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