Understanding the Causes of Hair Breakage

straightening woman's hair in a salon

Are you suffering from hair breakage? If you are, then it means that having a good hair day must be too good to be true.

Having hair breakage can be a problem. There’s nothing pretty about having dry strands that easily break off every time you brush your hair. But what causes hair breakage, and what can you do to stop it?

How moisture affects your hair’s strength

Inadequate hair moisture can cause your hair to become prone to damage. That’s why most people often use luxury hair care products to provide their hair with the nourishment it deserves. Experts say you should start managing your hair by getting shampoo that fit your needs. Next, use the correct type of conditioner to provide your hair with the right amount of moisture.

Another factor you should consider is the water you use. Hard water typically contains heavy minerals such as magnesium compounds, which can be damaging to your hair. Hard water can cause your hair cuticles to thin out and become prone to breakage. One way to fix this problem is by using a shower head filter to strain the minerals while protecting your hair at the same time.

Excessive heat styling can be damaging

Excessive use of heat styling products can ruin your hair, especially if you don’t use any heat protection. But if there’s a need to style your hair every day, it’s best to look for products that won’t always use heat to style your hair. Also, applying heat protectant products can prevent hair breakage.

It’s highly advisable to read the instructions first before you use any heating products. Never go beyond the suggested maximum time of use to prevent any damage. It’s also best to use such products once a week and use only products with ceramic plates as added protection.

Blow-drying wet hair can make your hair prone to damage, as well. Similar to other hot tools, it can cause your hair follicles to thin out, making it prone to breakage. So, when you need to blow-dry your hair, try to let it air dry first to get rid of any excess moisture.

More tips for taking care of your hair

woman having her hair wash in a salon

Fortunately, there are several ways to help protect your hair from any breakage. To start, try to wash and gently condition your locks every day. It will be best if you also use a swimmer’s conditioner and shampoo after diving into a pool.

Meanwhile, for those who always want to glam up their looks with weaves, always ensure that the extensions aren’t heavy so that they wouldn’t put any unnecessary pressure on the scalp.

Hair breakage can be a problem. But you can always fix it by having a few changes with your lifestyle and hair care routine. If you still see any hair falls or notice signs of damage in your hair after doing these changes, then it’s best to consult a healthcare expert about it. They’ll diagnose your conditions and see which treatments will suit you best.

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