How to Make Your Moving Day Inexpensive


Does it make sense for you to move an overstuffed drawer? When we move to our new house, we want everything to be clean and organized. Does anybody really move into a new house while taking all the junk from the old house? That doesn’t make sense, does it? Moving always constitutes a change, a new beginning. Why would you want to see that useless old flannel shirt with no sentimental value whatsoever? Throw it. Donate it. The point is that you should declutter before you move. That saves money.

You can hire a house clearance company from Guildford. The company can help you clear the stuff from your house so that you can leave the place nice and clean. But you’ll have to pay them by the hour or by the ton of stuff they take from your house. It makes more sense to do your own decluttering before calling a professional service and moving stuff to a new home.

Give Yourself Time

You know that you’re going to move to a new place in a couple of months. Why are you still buying stuff for your old house? Plan your move wisely. Give yourself time to organize and declutter things. This way, you’ll know which needs to be moved to the new place, what will be donated, what will be sold, and what will be left for the clearing service.

Use Your Stock

Do you have a stock of toiletries? Start using them now. You can always bring the extras with you, but it will be nice if you can minimize the number of things you’ll move to your new place. That saves a lot of moving expenses. If you run out of shampoo or conditioner, for example, buy a smaller size that you can finish before your move.

Follow the Three-box Method

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The three-box method involves bringing three boxes into a room when you start to declutter. Put things you want to keep in one box. The second box should be for things you want to throw away. The third box is for things you want to sell or donate. Go through each drawer and closet and put stuff in their respective boxes.

Leave Sentimental Items for Last

When you are decluttering, you simply want the chore to end. Bring another box with you (in addition to the three boxes). The fourth box will be where you put in useless but sentimental things. It could be an old letter from your now-husband. A college T-shirt will fall under this category. Does it make sense to keep these? You aren’t sure right now. Leave the decision-making for later. You can always keep a box of sentimental things in your basement. But for now, focus on the more important things.

Decluttering before your big move will save you a lot of money. You will be surprised how much space you are wasting on things that you don’t need or use. Save your new home the nuisance of having to keep all that garbage. Throw, donate, and sell them to people who’ll have use of them.

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