Two Common Practices Necessary for A Horse’s Best Nutrition

Horses Eating HayOwners need to address many horse-caring issues. One of the major issues is that raisers only provide horse feed that is in the market. This is what is only available for my horses, they might say.

But this raising mindset is risky, provided that not all of the horse food products available in the market is good for them.

To help you find ways not to overlook the best nutrition for your horses, experts from Takanini Feeds underscore the best practices to achieve it.

Small Amount of Grain is Enough

To feed them in multiple smaller amount of meals is better than feeding them with a large one. This is one of the common things raisers tend to forget.

Letting them eat a small amount from time to time makes it good for them to digest the horse feed; hence, more nutrients are being digested.

But the best way to do this is to consider the need of the particular horse taking the small amount, for not every horse has different feeding needs. Even if the horse is provided with good quality horse feed, feeding them in large amounts will impede the proper digestion of nutrients.

Right Nutrients with the Right Supplements

If you are conscious about the right feed for your horse, you are mindful of the additional supplements you include in their diet as well. This is good provided that the food supplements are not overloaded to the actual nutrients they need. Overloaded nutrients that are added to their diet is harmful, especially when it creates harmful imbalances to their body regulations.

For example, one good nutritional supplement that is beneficial to them is the supplemental selenium for horses which are used to eat hay in soils that are selenium poor. So, considering environmental factor is one of the things to know what kind of (and how much) supplements they should take.

Having the horse consulted in an equine nutritionist and veterinarian is a good start to know the best vitamins and minerals they need to take.

Feeding them with what is available in the market and those labelled with nutritional contents are not enough. For them to get the best nutrition, one has to know the particular supplements they need and not forget to feed them with small amounts for good digestion.

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