Post-Divorce Concerns: A Quick Guide to Top Family Law Topics

Family law and gavelWhat comes to your mind when you hear the word “family law?” Most probably, it’s divorce and anything that has to do with issues concerning a married couple.

Family law is not about divorce and troubled marriages, according to family attorneys in Denver, CO. In fact, it involves a number of issues concerning people who are linked domestically. It is a wide area that encompasses issues relating to the legal obligations of each member of the family.

Here are some of the most commonly discussed issues and topics under the family law that arise following a divorce:


Alimony or spousal support refers to the money that must be given by one spouse to the other after the court grants their divorce. The amount of financial support depends on several factors, one of which is the jurisdiction they are under. The court must also consider how long they have been married and how capable each of them is to make a living. States may have varying statutes to help determine the rightful alimony.

Child Custody

Have you heard the phrase “best interests of the child?” It pertains to the principles used by the court to determine the best setup for the child or children when custody concerns arise. The court takes into account different factors to identify the orders that will best serve the child. They will look into each of the parent’s earning capability, lifestyle, and other related factors. In many cases, the child’s legal and physical custody is awarded to the more capable parent. There are cases, however, where both parties share these rights.

Child Support

Child support is another common issue when it comes to family law. It pertains to the money provided by the non-custodial parent to support the basic needs of the child in the care of the custodial parent. The court makes a decision on the amount of child support based on the guidelines set in place, with respect to the jurisdiction they are under. As with most legal concerns under family law, child support laws vary from state to state.

Consult with a competent family law attorney for more information on these topics.

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