Traveling Post-pandemic and How to Reduce Your Stress and Anxiety

The global pandemic had a lot of us stuck in our houses for almost a year. As lockdowns start to lift and restrictions start to lessen, we’re now ushering in the new normal. It’s clear that this won’t look anything like what we had before, but this doesn’t mean that we can start getting back out there. Health and safety protocols are still very much in place to ensure the health of the masses, but with vaccine rollouts picking up speed, we see more and more industries begin to open up again. A goal shared by most people as we emerge from isolation is the urge to start traveling again. Even those who weren’t necessarily considered frequent travelers prior to the pandemic have now developed the desire to explore new places.

Both new and frequent travelers will come face-to-face with the developing effects of the pandemic on tourism, though—not just for businesses in the industry but for us as individuals. Airlines, hotels, resorts, and even other modes of transportation have implemented new rules to maintain everyone’s safety. This can lead to confusion and stress if you go into the situation unprepared. These are just some essential steps to take for you to have a stress-free trip and start enjoying traveling again.


The restrictions change from state to state and are definitely different for international destinations. Other hotels will have different protocols in place from location to location. These protocols aren’t always regularly updated on websites and social media platforms, leading to confusion during your trip. It may be the best time to use a travel agent who can provide you with a detailed plan of the requirements you’ll need and the changes in protocols for the places you’ll be visiting. You can also choose to do this yourself by going through your schedule and calling your accommodations ahead of time to be informed by the standard practices they’re currently observing. Planning helps avoid any unwanted mishaps that can happen on your trip.


Though we’re all looking to explore new places, your first trip after the pandemic might not be the best time to do so. Choosing a destination you’re familiar with can help lessen your anxieties. It provides you with the reassurance you need to get back out there after a year spent indoors. Going to an area where you have friends and family is also a good idea. Knowing locals can help keep you informed ahead of time regarding their health and safety protocols and gives you the much-needed opportunity to start socializing again. Suppose you choose to visit a completely new and foreign location to you. In that case, we suggest doing copious amounts of research ahead of time and possibly talking to other travelers who have recently visited the area so you can have a better lay of the land.

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The pandemic caused a multitude of us to go through difficult financial situations. However, a specific population sector also saw increased savings as spending opportunities were limited during lockdowns. Whether you could save up or are prioritizing travel this year, another factor to consider is comfort. Choosing great accommodations that can provide you with a higher sense of comfort regardless of any mishaps can help keep your head cool during your travels. Lesser-known hotels may not have fully ironed out their safety procedures and can have last-minute cancellations or other problems. If you have your sights set on specific destinations that are less popular, then you can refer back to our first point. Calling and thinking ahead can help things flow smoothly during your travels.

Bring Home With You

Spending time in public spaces or sleeping in new locations can seem a little overwhelming for some of us just getting out of isolation. A great way to ease the transition is to bring some of your essentials to help make these places feel like home. Bringing your favorite blanket, pillows, or even sheets not only makes you feel safer health-wise but also gives you a sense of familiarity with the new space. Scents are another great way to de-stress and bring your home to the area. Candles and diffusers that use your favorite home scents can help set the mood in a less foreign environment. These can use fragrance oils for soap making and other essential oils that help us relax and de-stress.

Remember that feelings of anxiety when traveling again are perfectly normal and that there are ways of managing it. Taking things one step at a time and planning can help avoid any bumps in the road. Traveling is meant to help us get back out there and scratch that travel itch. It’s intended to be enjoyable, not stressful.

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