4 Breathtaking Destinations That Should Be in Your Bucket List

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Of course, beauty is subjective, but several things make a country beautiful, including its tourist destinations, nature, architecture, food, culture, people, and more. While some countries have the best tourist destinations for any traveler who wants to go sightseeing, they don’t have much nature to offer; it’s the other way around for some countries. Not having everything that every traveler needs doesn’t mean a country isn’t beautiful; it just means that some countries have got so much to offer that they have been voted for as some of the most beautiful destinations in the world.

Here is a list of the most beautiful countries you should visit:

1. Italy

In every list of the most beautiful countries in the world, it’s impossible not to find Italy in each. Whatever kind of list is it—whether it’s a consensus of travelers or a list that tallies votes of people—Italy is always in these lists. Of course, who could argue that it isn’t beautiful? Italy has modern cities like Milan and Rome, where many world-renowned fashioned designers reside and host their shows. Then there is Tuscany with beautiful scenery and old villages.

Everywhere else in Italy, you will also find ancient ruins and beautiful architecture, that it would feel like you’re in a postcard. It’s a romantic country where you can see as much as you can or just slow down in a quaint hotel in Venice while letting the sun through the window shutters while reading a book. Whatever kind of traveling you want to do, being in Italy is already enough. Of course, the people and the food are on another level. If you want to have authentic pizza served by Italian chefs who barely speak any English, but would still make an effort to connect with you, then you should book your flight to Italy soon.

2. India

India has earned this reputation of being a love-it-or-hate-it country; it’s like there is no middle ground. Anyone who has been to India would love it for its diverse, vibrant, colorful culture and food and hate it for being too overwhelmingly too much. You have to remember that India is a developing country where poverty is still a big crisis, but no one can’t deny how beautiful the country looks.

India has everything from cities like Goa with beaches where people party all the time, to mountains in the north where it can get really cold during the winter, and culture which you can see in the way people dress up and their architecture. These are all the reasons you should visit India at least once in your life, so you will know if you will hate it or love it. Of course, it will be the latter.

3. Brazil

Not many people will be open to traveling to Brazil, especially as the country has been hit hard by the pandemic with its ongoing political insurgencies. The country has also been widely known not to be the safest destinations to visit. But if you’re willing to overlook its flaws and practice caution, you will realize that Brazil has so much more to offer than what the world perceives it to be.

Brazil has beaches, mountains, beautiful architecture, cultural diversity, and you can even visit some parts of the incomparable Amazon rainforest. Additionally, if you end up visiting Brazil, you could travel easily to any of its neighboring countries like Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Venezuela, Colombia, Guyana, Suriname, Uruguay, and French Guiana. All these countries are unique and beautiful in their way, but Brazil should be the perfect place to start your South American journey.

4. Japan

If there’s any country in East Asia that would make it on the list of most beautiful places in the world, it has to be Japan. Japan has everything and has the right blend of modern and ancient culture for a small island nation. If you’re into anime, which the country is known for, you’ll be surprised at how much more the country has to offer.

Japan has mountains, beaches, temples, countryside, and the most modern cities that every city feels like it’s a different world. You won’t regret going to Japan, and you might even consider staying there for good.

See the World

The world is too big with so much beauty in it that picking only four destinations seems like a difficult task. As mentioned, every country has its charm, so pack your bags and see the world as soon as you can, especially as traveling is a lot less challenging now.

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