Designing Your Airbnb: Essential Strategies to Attract Guests

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Despite the crisis, many people are still interested in visiting different places. Tourists or not, they want to experience the joys of traveling. This is one reason why many people are still turning their homes into Airbnb paradise.

But then, not all Airbnbs are located in a tourist destination. Some don’t even have that panoramic view many tourists are after in a rental. When your rental property does not have these two characteristics, one way to increase your bookings is to improve your interior design.

Why Interior Design Matters in Airbnbs

Not all travelers prefer staying in hotels. After a long day of traveling, visiting different places, interacting with the natives, and engaging in various activities, they all want a nice place they can stay and rest. More often than not, they would prefer a nice and cozy Airbnb that has a beautiful interior.

Even if you don’t have a scenic view to offer or an excellent location, you can attract quality guests by improving your interiors. For instance, millennials are after experiences that include meaningful travels. They would rather choose Airbnbs and other vacation rental services instead of the usual hotel experience.

Millennials want beautiful vacation rental services Airbnbs has to offer since these usually provide convenience and aesthetics. They get to enjoy a good location, low-cost housing, and access to household amenities that many hotels can’t offer. These usually satisfy their want for gorgeous and picturesque vacation homes.

Even if you don’t have a sought-after location, you can make it up to these modern travelers by offering them an Instaworthy Airbnb. This means your rental looks so good that these are worthy of being posted on the social media giant. With millennials often seen snapping their travels on social media, you can lure them into your Airbnb by improving your interior design.

Airbnb Interior Designs to Keep in Mind

There are a few things you ought to consider when improving the interiors of your Airbnb. You want your rental to look good both in pictures and in real life. For the best results, consider these Airbnb interior design tips.

Find Inspiration for Your Interior

There is no harm in looking for inspiration when redesigning your Airbnb. This does not necessarily mean that you need to buy the exact pieces you saw from a few Pinterest posts from the same store. You can opt for cheaper but quality local materials that are just as beautiful as those found inexpensive furniture stores.

Shop for local products that will match your inspiration. If you are after a kitchen makeover, you can trust brands like Serenity Kitchen and Bath to replace your old kitchen with an intricate one. The key is to turn your inspiration into reality without compromising quality.

Tell a Story Using Your Interior

Many Airbnbs found success after their owners managed to tell an interesting story through their interiors. Travelers are often seen seeking adventure. But one thing that can catch their attention is your Airbnb’s distinct interior design.

This could be a striking painting, that cool sculpture in your living room, or that big rug of yours inspired by the Mid-Century. Give your guests something to talk about. Be sure to keep target guests in mind so you won’t scare them off with your decor.

Keep It Clean With Less Clutter

Some people think more is always better. But when it comes to your rental, this is not always the case. Keeping your Airbnb looking cluttered will make it look tiny, disorganized, and unhygienic.

For best results, avoid decorating the space with too many personal items. You may be proud of that collection of yours. But if these are simply a collection of family portraits, random things you collected in the past, or old rugs, carpets, or pillowcases, it is best to tuck them away.

Always Choose High-quality Furniture

We can see Airbnbs playing with their furniture. They often use couches that add a pop of color to the space and cool beds with inviting pillows and comforters. But when it comes to choosing furniture, you are better off choosing one that does not come in sets.

You want unique but high-quality furniture to welcome your guests with warmth and comfort. Statement furniture pieces add luxury and intrigue to any rental. Use this opportunity to explore different shops for bold accents and one-of-a-kind quality furniture.

Airbnbs continue to dominate the hospitality industry, all thanks to experience-loving millennials. They are choosing non-traditional rental services instead of hotels and motels. Use this chance to boost your Airbnb success by taking your interiors to the next level.

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