The Hidden Dangers of Ice Dams

 Ice Dams in MinneapolisThose icicles artfully hanging from your roof lends that iconic winter look. This magical winter look however also means something else; your roof has an ice dam and you must banish it as soon as possible.

Why You have to Remove Ice Dams

When winter moisture is trapped in a particular area on your roof, like the crux, an ice dam forms. The risk of damage is apparent wherever there’s water buildup. The ice dam could likewise spread ice and water on the ground below, which creates dangerous walking conditions surrounding your home’s exterior. Those pretty icicles could also break off and hit someone walking under them.

More often than not, however, the most imminent hazard posed by an ice dam is to your roof’s gutter system. Although these potential dangers is ample reason to eliminate ice dams, the danger they present to a home’s interior is typically the most costly. Once they form, it would apply pressure on your house’s structure and direct water from your roof, as well as floor and exterior walls, and when this occurs, it becomes significantly tougher to detect and eliminate, explains an ice dam removal specialist in Minneapolis.

This type of water damage could also result in the following:

  • The roof decking, rafters, as well as interior and exterior walls rotting.
  • The development of mold, which could impact you and your family’s health.
  • Paint peeling off due to moisture buildup in wall cavities. This could likewise occur even after removal of the ice dam if the moisture buildup isn’t addressed.
  • Reduced effectiveness of your insulation. Take note that wet insulation doesn’t perform well, and if it becomes significantly wetter, it might not dry out completely without intervention.​

The best way to avoid the dangers posed by ice dams is to prevent its formation in the first place. Otherwise, you must have them removed as soon as you spot them. Remember, although those dreamy icicles call to mind a dreamy winter wonderland, they likewise indicate problems hiding underneath.

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