Following a Dental Implant Treatment is a One-Way Street

Dental Implant TreatmentDental implants involve a major operation in your mouth, and it is critical for the wound to heal. It is not good to nurse a very sensitive wound for a long time. This is why following the dentist’s orders when it comes to dental implant treatment program is of paramount importance.

Though the area is a lot less vulnerable, oral surgery is still surgery. It will take time before the incisions completely close and even more important is the integration of the implant. It is rare that a dental implant will not fuse with the bone, but there is no room to take risks. Following through with the post-op program is about healing and nothing else.

The Process

It is rare that a dentist will deviate from the standard process of inserting dental implants unless yours is a special case. It usually starts with removing the damaged bone (tooth), preparing the jawbone for abutment insertion and the dentist close it up. Once the tissue heals, you proceed to the last step that is the fitting of the mold.

In some cases, bone grafting is necessary if the bone is too soft or is not thick enough.

Looking at the Surgery’s Severity

Any dental implant treatment will depend on the severity of each condition. One implant is no less pressing than multiple implants, although the healing process for the latter is a lot more delicate. Preparation is important, before and after the procedure, and every ounce of precaution taken will go a long way in making sure that the implants heal as expected.

The pain is probably the biggest concern for many implant patients, though it is not really something to mind. The procedure itself is painless as your mouth will be numb and dealing with pain post-op is not challenging either. You do have to wait for three days or until the anaesthetic wear off before eating anything. Afterwards, the painkillers should handle the discomfort well.

The best thing you can do in this situation is to be a good patient. It is hard to be hardheaded when there is a flesh wound involved. Go with what you dentist says and quicken your healing time.

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