The Curious Case of Salted Egg Foods: Selling More and Creating Demand Through Communication

Salted Egg In A Basket

The demand for food with a salted egg-based twist is a sudden but a welcome addition to the public’s palate. What was once an oft neglected delicacy has now become the centre of attention. There are many ways to recreate or use a salted egg and each method (and the delectable results, thereof) has endeared itself to the gustatory senses of the adoring public. From foods like potato chips and burgers to chicken wings, sauces and spices, Southeast Asia cannot get enough of salted egg snacks and treats.

But, a quick search on Google will make you realize that there is a salted egg capital: Singapore. And everyone else is trying to catch up. You only see small batches of such gourmet goodies in other countries, as they are generally still home-made on an artisanal level. As such, these products are normally on the pricier side in other countries – after all, high demand, but small batch production usually means higher price tags, as economic laws dictate.

Nevertheless, there is a broader economic question in this situation: if there is such a large demand for salted egg foods, how do you penetrate the market?

Communicating with the Local Crowd

You always start small when expanding to a new area, especially in a new country; test the market and determine what factors influence a consumer’s decision to buy a product. Hence, if you want to succeed, you’d be best off to provide your target market with all the product information they need. Next, it would be a wise move to communicate this information in the language or vernacular of your target market. A company like Lingua Technologies International can help you present your product in a way that the market you wish to penetrate will understand.

Your next steps will depend on how extensive your plan is, but communicating with your new market in their language is the key to unlocking their favour. Whether you plan to introduce more salted egg goods or some other product, the important thing is to build a bridge with proper communication.

A Lesson for Small Businesses with a Large Vision

An expansion will always mean more. More customers, more profit, more production and more responsibilities, but do not let challenges dampen your ambition. There is always a way to increase your business’ scope, be it through digital solutions or translation services.

The rising popularity of salted egg foods is just one example of how you can cater to the public’s demand to boost your business – even if this public is overseas. If you have a good product for a growing market, and you can reach out in an effective way, then you are already on the right path to success.


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