Debunking Myths about Dentures

An example of partial dentures

If you were to commit yourself to asking every person that you would meet today what dentures are and their purposes, you would be surprised by the many different answers you would get from dentists in South Bend. Dentures are simply teeth replacements that you can wear and take out of your mouth as often as you want. But according to clinics such as Mahoney Family Dentistry, many people end up believing complete lies about dentures their entire life.

The following will discuss some of the myths that you might have believed concerning dentures.

Myth #1: Everyone Will Notice That You Are on Dentures

Thanks to modern technology, dentures can now mimic your natural teeth. If you realize that your dentures are noticeable, book an appointment with a reputable dentist in South Bend for a refitting procedure. Should you notice stains in your dentures or odors, then you are not keen in your care routine. With proper care, nobody will ever know that you wear dentures.

Myth #2: Dentures Last Forever

This idea sounds good and easy to believe. It is, however, important you note that dentures are made of porcelain and are, therefore, prone to chipping and breaking when you ignore proper dental care. Taking good care of your dentures is important to extend their lifetime.

Myth #3: You Will Have Eating Difficulties When on Dentures

Many people believe that individuals with dentures have restrictions on the food they consume. Well, there are people with diet restrictions, but it is not because they use dentures. If, by any chance, you cannot eat some foods comfortably while on dentures, arrange for a dental checkup with your dentist to identify and correct the problem.

If you suffer from tooth loss or other related dental issues, you are a suitable candidate for dentures. Nothing should stand in your way of confidence just because your dental system needs correction. Also, dentures are a worthwhile investment to get back your smile.

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