Why You Need Both Organic and Paid Traffic for Your Website

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Technology is thriving and the Internet is rising with it. Together with smartphones and mobile applications, websites — specifically those for business — are receiving well-merited attention. Currently considered as an essential in marketing, websites do not only promote companies but also generate revenue. In the process, web traffic — whether organic or paid — is extremely important.

Here is why you need both for your business:

Paid Traffic

It provides assurance. When you buy targeted website traffic, you’re sure to get site visits every day. Other than keeping your website alive, this assertion allows you to control your ranking in search engine websites such as Google and Bing.

It works faster. Unlike organic traffic, you can set up a pay-per-click (PPC) campaign in an hour or two. As a result, you get visits and leads more quickly, which is great if your website needs immediate exposure.

It’s more relevant. A well-managed PPC campaign can deliver advanced algorithms to your website thus targeting more specific customers for your business. From the key phrase to the ad text and landing page, paid traffic can get you extremely relevant results.

Organic Traffic

It’s sustainable. Compared to paid traffic, organic traffic stands the test of time. After reinforcing your website’s search engine visibility, you can receive good, non-paid traffic for a long period by simply updating your site once in a while.

It’s cost-effective. You don’t need much money when implementing SEO strategies. All you need are skilled marketers and some online tools, which cost lower than paid advertisements.

It’s less demanding. Organic traffic works independently. It doesn’t require constant clicks, unlike paid marketing efforts. Gaining it requires minimal supervision and can even stand on its own for a couple of days.

Use a mix of organic and paid traffic techniques to ensure the credibility and effectiveness of your business website. It’s only a matter of being smart not only with your marketing campaign, but with your time and budget as well.

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