Solutions to Address Problems with Missing Kids’ Teeth

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Few parents will pay as much attention to missing teeth in kids. They assume that when a child’s milk tooth falls off, there is no need for treatment because it will be automatically replaced by permanent dentition. This is true, but leaving open the space left by a missing milk tooth will lead to crooked or delayed permanent dentition. Space maintainers are the ideal solution in this case to prevent the growth of other teeth towards the gap or the shrinking of the child’s jawbone.

An Upland-based dental and implant center has the ideal solutions for missing permanent teeth in children and adults. While implants remain the leading solutions for missing teeth, they are not suitable for kids aged less than fifteen years. This is because the jaws are not developed fully at this age and the placement of implants might affect their growth and the optimal growth of permanent teeth. Girls older than sixteen years and boys above seventeen years are the ones often considered for dental implants when missing teeth. For kids younger than this who have lost their permanent teeth, the following are the solutions that might be used.

Tooth Reshaping

In cases where the space left on a child’s jaw is small, a dentist might recommend reshaping the teeth next to the gap to close the gap. In tooth reshaping, crowns, bonding, or veneers are used to change the size and profile of the teeth next to the space. In doing so, it will be filled, and you need not invest in other treatments. If, however, the lack of the tooth will affect your child’s oral functionality, tooth reshaping might involve filing the teeth to create more space for the placement of implants later. Before the implant’s installation, the gap is retained by a space maintainer.


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These are also used in small gaps to shift the teeth near them. That way, the braces will close the gap left on the jaw, much like tooth reshaping will. While it takes time, braces will also correct the crooked teeth typical in kids with missing ones.

Removable Bridge

This treatment is mostly considered a denture because it is removable. The bridge is, however, placed in the gap between teeth to stabilize a bite and maintain a perfect smile. Even so, you need to train your child on the optimal care of the removable bridge. This is because most kids love removing the bridge when playing to scare friends, and this might affect its integrity and hygiene.

Traditional Bridge

Though uncomfortable at first and challenging to clean, this is often the best choice for children. It remains directly adhered to the surfaces of the teeth near the gap to close it and correct the child’s jaw. At times, traditional bridges might need the slight shaving of the teeth near the hole so that they fit perfectly.

With the alternatives mentioned above, your child need not live with gaps between teeth. The spaces only predispose them to other conditions and affect their nutritional status. The ideal treatment for missing teeth will depend on a child’s oral health and age.

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