Showing Day Decorum: How Sellers Can Seal the Deal Quickly

For sale sign in front of house

Counting down the days to your first scheduled showing day, you can get carried away with excitement. After all, you’ve lived in your house for a long time. Therefore, you probably want potential buyers to see the house in the pristine way that you do.

However, you should remember that the point is to sell your house as soon as possible and not to let a slew of buyers see the house. To keep you in check, here are some of the most echoed strategies for showing day:

Make minor repairs

If you’re looking to sell your house in North Carolina fast, real estate agencies can buy the property upfront to save you the stress. But if you prefer to impress potential buyers personally, take the time to inspect your house and do minor repairs.

Creaking doors, leaking faucets, and jammed kitchen cabinets can go unnoticed, but at the right moment, can make or break the deal. Take note that buyers can bring along property professionals and assessors, so better be safe than sorry.

Clean the clutter

This is already a given, but you can never be too prepared. Make sure to tend to your outdoor space as well. Mow the lawn, clean the backyard, and spray down the sidewalk.

Preparing your house for a showing is more than just tidying up the place – it means removing yourself from the equation, too. Remove personal items from all the rooms. Consider renting a storage space if you haven’t settled into your new home.

Leave your house

Come showing day, you want to impress your prospective buyers yourself. However, it can make buyers uncomfortable to know that the previous owner is there trailing them. Leave the premises during the duration of the showing, and clear your car from the driveway so that your buyers can park. Take your pets with you as well.

With the help of your real estate agent, you can offer beverages, mint, or light snacks during and after their tour to help the buyer ease into the place.

Prepare the paperwork

Whether your prospective buyer is on the verge of a decision or you’re closing in on the sale, you should be ready to present the necessary paperwork at any time.

While your house is on the market, make sure to have the proper pre-inspection, natural hazard, and preliminary title reports, mandatory disclosures, and transfer disclosure agreement. If you’re nearing a closing, be ready with your purchase offer and counteroffer forms, as well as your final purchase and sale agreement.

Lastly, if you and your buyers decide to shake on it, prepare the necessary tax and closing statements together with the deed of the property.

Patience is key

Couple in front of their new house

With a decision as big as buying a house, you can’t expect your prospective buyers to make the call upfront. Selling your home fast doesn’t mean you have to be in a rush. Let the idea simmer and don’t pressure them into a decision right after showing day.

Don’t be withdrawn from asking for feedback, though. This will help you improve your house further for future buyers if the current one falls through.

Parting with your living space is always a sentimental task. You can employ the help of real estate agencies or put it up on the market yourself. Regardless, buyers will still scrutinize it the same way, and only you, as the previous owner, can help your odds.

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