A New Vision: How to Prepare for an Upcoming Implant Surgery

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The sight is a blessing given to most humans, enabling them to survive extreme conditions for millennia, to the point where problems may arise if one's vision is impaired. When you have a cataract, an extraction with IOL (which stands for intraocular lens implant) may end up helping you a lot. While it might not be seen as a natural or organic procedure and involves artificial lenses, the pay-off is great since your vision will be almost or entirely restored. It's a standard and safe procedure. 

Here are the things you must take note of in light of an upcoming intraocular lens implant surgery.

Discuss considerations.

You must know what to expect. That means that you have thoroughly discussed and submitted the necessary medical documents, taking note of your body's unique health requirements and the complications that may arise in response to the surgery. You must tell the doctor if you have previous operations with the eyes or what kind of glasses or contact lenses you are currently using (you might be asked to cease using them for the moment). You need to inform them as well if you need any vitamins or over-the-counter medicines.

By the day of your surgery, you should have discussed with your ophthalmologist the scope of the process. You should also know how the surgery will be done and where and under what kind of circumstances. If there are any fears, apprehensions, or special considerations, they must be discussed with the doctor. You must also consult with your ophthalmologist about what kind of intraocular lens will be implanted on you. There are several kinds of implants, depending on the type of visual impediment that you have.

There will be medicine.

Opthalmology operation

Once you are deemed a possible candidate for IOL surgery, and as soon as your body is fit enough for the procedure, the process will begin. It might take weeks as you will probably be required to undergo a laser iridotomy, which prepares your eye for the implants. This task involves making a hole in the outer layer of the iris with a laser. It is to prevent any complications or fluid pressure when during the implant surgery, but don't worry. Such a procedure takes only a few minutes, and before that, you get special drops that will numb your eye. You won't feel a thing at all.

In the days that will lead up to the surgery, you might be required to regularly use antibiotic drops on your eyes to prevent inflammation, contamination, and pain. You might be required to fast several hours before the surgery. When the day of your implant surgery arrives, you will be physically prepared. You must be emotionally prepared, too. You can listen to calming music beforehand. Also, don't forget to take lots of rest before the big day.

The implant process itself might be complicated and will require a more in-depth explanation. Of course, it is advisable to ask your doctor to be transparent to you about your worries and concerns. But the end is worth the journey. Everything will be more crystal clear afterward. Wouldn't you love to live to see the day?

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