Signs Your Parents Need Home Care

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As your parents become older, their health declines. Worse, you might have struggled with situations like:

  • Receiving a call that your father was found lost in the streets, unable to find his home.
  • Your mother fell down the chair, breaking her hip, making it impossible to do any household chores.

Maybe you’ll see a change in your parents’ medical condition that would require increased care. If this is the case, consider placing them under home care. Having somebody else take care of them may make them uncomfortable at first. But if you’re not around them regularly, it would be better to get help from health professionals who can look after them constantly.

Here are signs you should consider placing your parents under home care.

Changed behavior

Illnesses can change the way how your parents behave. Your parents may not be able to do the things they were able to do back then. The following are red flags that may indicate that your loved ones may be suffering physically or mentally:

  • They aren’t able to bathe, dress or cook for themselves
  • They skip meals and medication
  • They need help sitting down or standing up
  • They walk gingerly
  • They exhibit mood swings

Weak bones or arthritis might have affected their basic motor movements. Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease might have triggered forgetfulness and mood swings. If trips to the emergency room have become more frequent, it may be time to place them under home care where they can be constantly monitored.


confused old man also known as sundowning

Sundowning is common for those who have mid-stage to advanced dementia. Sundowning may worsen confusion and agitation during the late afternoons and evenings. This can mess up their ability with directions, which can lead to pacing or wandering. The Alzheimer’s Association said that up to 20 percent of sufferers of Alzheimer’s may experience sundowning.

Home care specialists provide constant attention to your parents. They can also evaluate your parents’ house to see if it’s safe. They will check for slick floors, slippery rugs and poor lighting. They will also check potential fire and safety hazards.

Poor hygiene

Maybe you noticed your father hadn’t shaved for days, or your mom had forgotten to throw away the trash. While these may seem like simple forgetfulness, it’s important to note these may put your parents at risk of infections or other diseases.

Your parents may also develop urinary problems as they age. For instance, urinary incontinence may occur. Constantly assisting them in the bathroom is hard, that’s why home care specialists will ensure your parents maintain good hygiene and live the quality of life they deserve.

Escalating medical care needs

a lady nurse assisting an old woman on medicines she needs to take

As your parents become older, they become weaker and more susceptible to illnesses. In return, they might be prescribed more medicine. Home care specialists like the ones from Serenity Home Health will make sure your parents receive their medications on time.

It may be hard for you to see your parents struggle with daily tasks. If you think your parents need constant supervision and care that you can’t provide, you can place them under home care. This way, you ensure their safety while giving them the best quality of life possible.

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