Say Goodbye to Glare: Five Things to Know about Anti-Glare Films

Anti-glare window

Anti-glare windowYou can’t stop the sun from shining and disrupting your view—it’s always there. With the sun’s glare reflected on your windows, it can be difficult to see your computer screens or TV clearly. Even when you’re driving, the sun’s glare makes it hard to keep your eyes on the road without feeling strained.

The solution to all these problems is to use an anti-glare film. Made of a thin plastic sheet, this transparent film minimises the glare that reflects on your windows. Apart from glare reduction, the film provides added privacy for your interiors.

Here are five things to know about anti-glare films:

1. You can use different materials to make an anti-glare film. The security film manufacturers of Cleargard Australia explain that glass protection films are often made of the strongest materials. These can range from thin plastic sheets to liquid crystal filters. The materials affect the film’s capability of absorbing light, as well as its quality.

2. Films installed on windows can reduce glare for up to 95 per cent, making them more efficient than blinds. Unlike shutters or blinds, films don’t block your view of the surroundings.

3. Anti-glare film can filter up to 99 per cent of UV rays. By blocking these harmful rays, you can shield your furniture and upholstery against fading. The films serve as a protective barrier for the skin, as well.

4. You can use anti-glare films on computer screens to prevent eye strain and headaches. With these films, employees can focus on their tasks and increase work productivity.

5. An anti-glare film helps you see how the traffic is without the glare from the sun. This still allows you to see any pedestrians crossing the street. In turn, you can prevent accidents caused by poor road vision.

Installing an anti-glare film is a cost-effective choice. With this glass window film, you can enjoy the best of privacy and comfort.

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