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Keys Many renters are dismayed when they discover their landlords as the opposite of their expectations. Not all share the same beliefs with handling tenants. Some landlords mysteriously appear at properties in the middle of the night, minus the tenant’s permission. Others fail to respond to emergencies in the units, which worry clients.

Mishaps such as these cause further strains in the landlord-tenant relationship.Online letting agents in London direct clients towards homes with trusted landlords. Once a tenant discovers the person’s unreasonable colours, however, they decide to move out.

The key to an increase in rentals is maintaining a good relationship with the tenants. If you are a landlord, here are 3 rules you should live by:

Treat Tenants with Respect

Never treat tenants as if they are under you. While it is proper for tenants to submit to your rules, they still deserve their property owner’s respect. Tenants stay longer in units with landlords who do not disregard their rights or opinions. Compassion is the key to healthy landlord-tenant relationships.

The same applies to wayward tenants. A landlord should always be the better person in every situation. If a tenant refuses to respect you, do not go down to their level. This prevents further conflicts and shows other tenants your good demeanour.

Give Tenants Proper Notice

When a resident moves in the unit, your rights of entry are limited. You cannot just barge in on your tenant’s privacy without consent. Always give your tenants proper notice at least 24 hours. This gives them time to prepare for your arrival. As long as it is accompanied with reasonable notice, tenants do not mind inspections.

Always Be Available

Good landlords address important issues. Tenants dislike those who are late for repairs or other needs.

As the landlord, you have the responsibility to maintain the units. Always make yourself available for your clients’ needs. Post your working hours on your front door to inform tenants. Moreover, give your tenants your number in case of emergencies.

There should be no divide between lesser and lessee. Keeping a positive relationship with clients guarantees them that you are the best landlord they can ask for. Take these rules in consideration and be the proactive landlords whom tenants love.

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