Rugby Guarantee: What to Do When You Lose Your Teeth?

Men Playing Rugby

Rugby has long been notorious as a rough, physical sport. Playing it puts you at a high risk of losing some of your teeth, especially if you get hit in the face. If such an incident happens, what will you do?

Find Your Missing Teeth

When a tooth or many of your teeth get knocked out during a rugby match, find them all immediately. Finding them can be difficult on a rugby field, however. Players on the field may have already stepped on them, hiding them even more under the grass and dirt. Once you do find your teeth (and it just fell from your mouth), pick it up by their crown.

Handle the Knocked-Out Teeth

The crown refers to the portion of the teeth where you look into your mouth using a mirror. Once you have collected your lost teeth, you can rinse them in water if they are dirty. Once clean, you can try pushing them back into position, although this may be good if you only lost one tooth. When you lose more than one, you may place them in the wrong position. It is better to go to your dentist.

Rush to the Dentist

Place your fallen teeth inside a glass of milk and then see your dentist straight away. They may still be able to place your teeth back for them to heal. If not, your Paddington dentist will likely suggest tooth implants and other treatments to prevent your remaining teeth from moving out of place.

Replace the Teeth

Of course, not all teeth can be saved. You may be lucky if you can still put them back, but it is best to prepare yourself for the idea of wearing dental implants. Implants give you permanent teeth replacements compared to dentures, which you can remove, and bridges, which do not last as long as implants.

Next time you play rugby, you can wear a mouthguard to protect your teeth. If that still did not help, know what you should do once you lose a tooth.

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