3 Wrong Ideas People Have about Spiders


Arachnophobia, or fear of spiders, is one of the most common fears around the world. According to American Psychiatric Association, around 40 percent of people with a phobia are afraid of insects and bugs including spiders.

Such fear stems from various triggers or causes, but it’s possible it also has something to do with the misconceptions about these crawly creatures:

Spiders are deadly.

Did you know all spiders have venom? It is an essential component to their survival, because how else can they neutralize their prey? But not all of the spiders produce venom that’s deadly to humans.

In fact, dying due to spider bites is already rare, especially in developed countries such as the United States. This is because an anti-venom is readily available. More people die from bees and wasps, as well as dogs and horses.

A brown recluse spider is in Utah.

It makes sense if people are afraid of the brown recluse spiders: not only are they poisonous, but they are also common in the United States. But they’re not found in Utah but rather in the south and central part of the country.

These spiders also don’t bite people randomly either. In fact, they rarely do. They sting when they feel threatened. But once they bit you, you have to go to the emergency immediately since its venom is necrotic, which means it causes tissue death.

It’s okay not to get rid of spiders.

In Utah, most of the spiders are non-poisonous, which is great. But that doesn’t mean you should not try to take them out of your home or building. At the very least, their bites can still cause lesions or swelling. Moreover, since many of them live in nooks and crannies, you wouldn’t be able to tell if they have already reproduced.

Removing spiders needs a unique skill set, so call experts in spider spray like Greenside Pest Control in Salt Lake City for help. Don’t attempt to do this by yourself to avoid putting yourself in danger.

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