2 Products Every Traveler Needs to Have in Their Bag

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If people didn’t have to pay to travel, you’d never see them in the same place anymore. Traveling is such a wonderful experience. You get to engage all your senses, create memories, and gain different perspectives.

Studies have shown that traveling has a lot of mental and physical benefits. For starters, it’s good for mental health because exploring new places and learning new things help boost happy chemicals in the brain. Serotonin and dopamine make you feel good and healthy. They also support memory and cognitive processes so that your mind stays in its best shape.

Why People Travel

Traveling is known to treat depression and anxiety, as it lowers stress hormones in the body. Different activities and sightseeing are not only fun but informative. Traveling teaches people how to be adventurous, adaptable, and creative. It’s so inspiring that travels around the world have inspired many stories and works of art.

Moving around, walking, and doing other various physical activities can also make traveling a great form of exercise. Traveling lets you take a break from sitting all day and doing your monotonous routine. Overall, people travel to relax and recharge, as well as experience new things.

That’s why people go on trips out of town and overseas. They want to taste new and unfamiliar cuisine. Some people go on a cruise to travel to different places as well as relax in the middle of the sea. Many others embrace adventure by going on safari tours in Kenya to observe predators and other magnificent animals in their natural habitat.

Two Essential Items When Traveling

As you travel, there are some things you need to have with you. Apart from the documents you need to have when traveling, these products are essential to protect you in every environment you’re in. Let’s discuss a couple of them.

Rubbing Alcohol

Health and safety should be a priority as you travel. This also means that you have to make sure you’re protected from illnesses you can contract while traveling. For example, did you know that the dirtiest part of a plane is the seatback trays? They contain more germs than a toilet flush button.

While not all bacteria are harmful, some of them can get us sick. You have to watch out for fungi, viruses, and other pathogenic agents, too. You have to stay clean as you travel if you want to enjoy the experience. That’s why you should always have a handy bottle of rubbing alcohol or sanitizer in your bag.

If you recklessly touch random surfaces, your hands are going to collect thousands and even millions of germs that will likely end up in your face. Some of these germs will even make you regret ever traveling by sending you to the toilet for extended periods. Travelers are also at risk of getting respiratory tract infections.

Aside from rubbing alcohol, make sure to wear a mask for an added layer of protection.


sunscreen during the summer

Not many people like to wear sunscreen because, as a child, they remember it as something sticky that their mothers slather on them before going to the pool. But now, researchers have reformulated sunscreen to make it more lightweight, easily absorbed, and much more effective than its predecessors.

We need to use sunscreen not only to prevent sunburns. Ultraviolet (UV) rays help our bodies produce vitamin D. These rays also increase our energy and help give us a better mood. Unfortunately, too much exposure to ultraviolet rays is harmful on a cellular level.

When UV rays come in contact with our skin, they burrow into the deepest layers and change the DNA of our cells. To protect itself, the skin produces melanin, a dark pigment that is responsible for tanning. It can also cause freckles, sunspots, and scars.

One of the adverse effects of too much is premature aging. It’s caused by UV damage to the skin cells that make them lose elasticity. Unfortunately, nothing beats the worst complication we can get from the sun: skin cancer.

The mutation of your skin cells causes skin cancer. There are three primary forms of skin cancer: melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, and basal cell carcinoma. The most dangerous of these is a malignant melanoma, which can metastasize so aggressively that it can spread to the rest of your body.

This why you should always wear sunscreen. This is even more crucial when you travel. With all the fun you’re having, it’s easy to overlook your skin. Better be safe than sorry!

Traveling can give you the best days of your life. However, to make sure you stay safe and healthy, you have to bring sunscreen and rubbing alcohol with you at all times.

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