Practical Hacks to Control Moisture and Humidity and Prevent Mold Growth

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black mold removal in Salt Lake CityMolds are essentially a natural part of our environment. They can grow indoors once their spores land on dam or wet surfaces. All molds require moisture or water to flourish; to keep your home mold-free, read this brief discussion from black mold removal specialists Salt Lake City residents highly recommend:

Controlling Moisture and Preventing Mold Growth
  • Once water spills or leaks, clean it up quickly. In most instances, when damp or wet surfaces or materials aren’t properly dried in 24 to 48 hours, mold will develop.
  • Use your dehumidifier and air conditioner whenever needed. Keep the drip fans if your air conditioner clean and drain lines free from blockage.
  • Maintain low indoor humidity levels. Whenever applicable, keep it around 30% to 60%. Humidity levels can be easily measured with an inexpensive humidity or moisture meter.
  • Vent appliances capable of generating moisture like stoves, clothes dryers, and heaters powered by kerosene should be kept outside the house if possible. Appliances like these generate water vapor and can increase humidity levels unless they’re vented outdoors.
  • Condensation is usually an indication that you have high humidity levels. When you notice moisture or condensation along your windows, pipes, or walls, dry wet surfaces immediately and decrease the source of moisture or water.
  • Whenever you shower, make sure to crack a window open or turn on a fan to prevent moisture buildup which can lead to mold growth. In addition, open your windows or turn on exhaust fans when washing dishes, operating the dishwasher, and cooking.
  • Conduct regular repair and maintenance of your roof gutters.
Removing Mold the Right Way

If you see mold growth in your home, especially black mold, it’s best to consult a professional. More importantly, if you suspect mold growth due to health symptoms associated with mold exposure, have your home inspected by a professional to check for hidden mold growth.

Black mold removal specialists know all about the serious health risks linked to exposure to all types of mold, so they use special techniques and tools required for proper mold removal. This makes sure all traces of mold will be removed and that it doesn’t spread further.

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