Amidst the Trees and the Sea: Living in Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

Papua New GuineaFor many, living in a tropical island country is a dream come. A house by the shore nestled idyllically between rows of trees looks like something out of a postcard, but this is actually the reality for the people living in Papua New Guinea.

The country actually comprises half of New Guinea and its neighboring islands, and is famous for its dense jungles and beaches. It’s a popular tourist destination for those seeking the quintessential island getaway, but why just take a vacation when you can be living the tropical dream?

A Booming Economy

One of the reasons many people are now settling in Papua New Guinea, as Niugini Land and Properties notes, is its booming economy, which is due to their growing resource and mining industries. This means property development is rising steadily, with more and more houses being developed. If you’ve ever had the dream of having a quaint house by the seaside or nestled between trees, it’s now the best time to invest in property in the country.

Its booming economy means there are also more jobs available, particularly in the aforementioned mining and resource sectors and industries. This is good news for seasoned miners who have experience working the mines in Australia.

Rural Living

Despite the increasing prevalence of the industrial sectors and urban areas in the country, Papua New Guinea is still a relatively ‘rural’ country. Simple living is what reigns in Papua New Guinea, and nearly half of the population still retains its old customs and traditional practices.

Additionally, not many people live in the more metropolitan areas in the country; instead, they favor the rustic neighborhoods where man meets nature. This is one of the main draws of living in the island country, as the dense jungles and seaside views are literally at your doorstep.

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the big city and want to live somewhere more exotic and idyllic, then Papua New Guinea may just be the only cure you need.

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