Pool Remodeling Ideas That Won’t Break the Bank

For homes that have them, the family pool is usually the centerpiece in a backyard. Many summers have been spent lounging in it with friends or holding family barbecues poolside. Over time, families outgrow them or it may be in dire need of extensive repairs.

Remodeling a pool is no joke. There’s plenty of planning and work involved in the process. Tearing it down to build a new one is costly so one option is to remodel the pool. On average, you will dish out about $8,200 for renovations with and additional labor cost of $65 an hour. Project costs will vary based on your preference, but they don’t always have to be expensive. You can work around your budget to give your pool a fresh updated look.

Pool Remodeling on a Budget

Upgrade your equipment.

The most practical update to your pool would be to utilize energy-efficient equipment. These are designed to lessen your pool’s operation expenses.

One of the main things to consider is getting a variable speed pool pump to lessen power consumption and qualify for an energy rebate (depends on your location). Reputable sellers like Davey Pumps Online has several models available. You may also look into installing solar-powered features (lights, heaters, etc.) and energy-efficient filters.

Consider converting to a saltwater system.

One of the main directions most swimming pool owners are taking nowadays is the conversion to a saltwater system. This is an alternative to the usual process of adding chlorine to the pool. Instead of using chlorine, the system utilizes salt to create chlorine.

Despite its name, saltwater pools are not as salty as ocean water, with only a tenth of sea water’s salinity. This means its gentler on the eyes and skin and is a lot safer than chlorine. Having this system also makes pool maintenance less of a chore as the salt cell will simply create chlorine as needed.

Update your waterline tile.

Replacing your waterline tile with new ones can instantly give your pool an entirely different look and feel. Additionally, you can bring in some color to your pool with it. If you have enough for a deck upgrade or pool resurfacing and couple that with an updated waterline tile, that would be more than enough to give your pool a fresh new vibe.

Improve your poolside.

Let’s say you’re happy with your pool but feel like the surrounding area is a bit dull and outdated, you can give your pool area an entirely new look by working on its surroundings instead. Add pool fencing by adding an elegant borderless glass fencing, which is very popular nowadays. You may also have your backyard landscaping improved with the addition of some plants or pavers. Another trick is to replace old and outdated pool furniture with modern ones. The possibilities are endless!

Install LED lighting.

some led lamps blue light science and technology background

If your pool has a basic floodlight system, you could go for an upgrade with LED lighting. One of the major advantages of shifting to LED lights is it is energy-efficient which proves to be cost-efficient. These can be installed below the water or anywhere in the area, and they come in different colors and is practically the cheapest way to upgrade your pool’s look.

If all goes according to plan and you pull off this project on your tight budget, your pool’s new look will bring a significant increase to your property’s value regardless of whether you’re looking at selling it in the future, staying in it, or just building equity.


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