An Aspiring Welder’s Guide to Safety

Male in face mask welds argon

With workers constantly exposed to metal fumes and ultraviolet radiation, there is no denying that welding is a hazardous job. However, it remains an essential part of construction and manufacturing. Without welders, buildings, gates, small kitchen appliances, airplanes and other important components of the modern world wouldn’t exist.

You have to take risks if you plan on taking the career path of a welder. Fortunately, you can make sure that you remain safe and efficient during work when you follow certain safety procedures. Here is a guide on how you can safely pursue a career as a welder.

Master the Techniques

Nobody becomes a welder overnight. You will need years of study and practice to master the craft. As a beginner, consider reading manuals and watching tutorial videos to help you learn how to weld. There are seminars and training available to help you gain some on-site experience. You can also seek the help of a mentor to help you learn basic techniques such as pipe purging and arc welding.

However, experience will be your best teacher. When you get the chance to have a trial and error session, you will find it easier to do your job.

Wear Proper Safety Attire

Welding is a dangerous job so you will need the proper safety gear when performing tasks. Sparks will be flying all over the room when you weld metal, which means that you need to wear a protective suit. A thick outfit will help prevent burns on your skin.

When the equipment hits the metal, the friction will produce a bright light that can damage your vision. You will need a welding helmet to avoid hurting your eyes. You also need other people to know that you are working on a risky task, which is why you should wear a high-vis jacket. When passersby come across your work area, they will instantly notice the colourful jacket and steer clear from your site. This isn’t only for their safety, but for yours as well.

Always Check Equipment

Risking safety is not ideal for welders. However, a lot of people overlook equipment safety checks before taking on a welding project. You might be taking good care of yourself, but you will end up getting an injury if your tools malfunction.

Before doing any welding tasks, check your equipment for small cracks and damages. You will be working with combustible objects, which means that you need to take all of the safety precautions available.

Allow Breathing Room

Worker wearing a protective mask while welding

You will notice a lot of smoke when you are doing a welding project. If you are working in a closed space, toxic gas will start to consume the breathable air inside the room. You must avoid inhaling fumes if you want to avoid any respiratory problems. Pop open a window for proper ventilation. If you cannot avoid working in a poorly-ventilated space, wear a respirator during the welding job.

Pursuing a career in welding takes years of study and preparation. Part of the things you need to learn includes practicing safety. You will find it challenging to land welding tasks if you are always in the hospital. You must try your best to eliminate the risks and keep yourself safe at all times.

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