Picking The Right Entrance Mat for the Job

entrance mat

entrance matWhether it is a home or business, an entrance mat is an essential item for a variety of reasons. Entrance matting for homes keeps dirt and snow from tracking into the home as much as possible. Matting performs the same function at businesses as well – in the case of a business, it is even more important to have one as they see a lot more foot traffic.

Types of commonly available commercial mats:

• Logo: These perform the dual function of letting customers know the company’s name and business and help to keep dirt, snow, oil and other things from spoiling the office space.

• Customized mats: These perform the same function. People place them indoors as well to provide traction on slick floors.

• Coir: This type of entrance matting works well in ultra high traffic areas like stadiums and flea markets. These mats are highly durable and absorbent. They can be coordinated with any kind of décor too.

• Scraper mats: These are not particularly aesthetic, but do a great job of protecting the floor. They protect entryways and passages damage due to dust, grit and grime.

• Special mats: There are instances when regular entrance matting may not offer the right functionality for specific needs. Several mats filling specific needs, such as floormatsystems.com entrance mats cover all conceivable weather or industrial specifications.

• For all-around generic purposes, people choose rubber matting, because these are very versatile and durable especially in industrial settings. Rubber mats dampen sound and ensure that grease patches prevent slippage. Kitchen sinks and office spaces employ rubber matting to ease pressure on the joints and feet.

Regardless of whether one is looking for decorative or functional entrance matting, mats are available in different shapes, materials and combinations, making it easy for consumers to choose based on their needs. It pays to do some research and find the right one for the job.

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