New Entrepreneurs Need Lawyers


lawyerYou’re a new entrepreneur just starting out. There’s a long list of things to buy in order to even operate. With the high cost of business, you might be wondering if you really need a lawyer this early in your company’s life span. Maybe you can hold off until the need arises.

If you wait until you need a lawyer, it might be too late. Law firms that practice business law like The Ticktin Law Group, are excellent at handling the legal side of business, but even such firms have a better shot at resolving problems if they’ve been there from the beginning.

Here are three very important questions you may want to ask when choosing the right firm or private practitioner:

1. Will there be a conflict of interest? Make sure the firm you’re hoping to work with isn’t also representing a direct competitor. Even if no legal suits arise between you and your competitors, you might have difficulty disclosing confidential business information to your law firm.

2. Is your approach aligned with my company’s personality? If your brand is all about presenting a wholesome and gentle image, a highly litigious lawyer might not be a good fit. Find someone who has a similar approach with yours. You may win one case but you don’t want to drive future business away to do so.

3. Do you have experience with businesses in my industry? Certain industries have specific problems that may need technical know-how from your future lawyer. Experience also gives you the assurance that they have the capacity to handle certain legal problems, and win.

If you’re going to pool your business connections, make sure you include the services of a lawyer. They’re not just good for getting you out of legal troubles, but prove indispensible when it comes to preventing them. The advantages outweigh whatever negative aspects when you’re not worrying about legal issues.

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