Mommy Makeover: Types of Breast Procedures

woman with bandaged breast

Women gain an average of 30 to 35 pounds during pregnancy. This weight is distributed to various fatty tissues including the breasts, thighs, abdomen, and buttocks. There are exercises and diets to help you lose weight in most body areas but not the breasts.

The breasts undergo dramatic changes after childbirth whether or not you breastfeed your baby. There are, however, various procedures included in mommy makeovers in Salt Lake City clinics to address these changes. Here are some of them:

Breast Lifts

These are also known as mastopexies. Breast lifts are used to raise your drooping breasts to a high, aesthetically pleasing chest wall position. Your doctor can also move your nipples to a central position during this procedure, or reduce overly enlarged areolas. The reduction of areolas involves removal of the excess skin on their outer circumference.

Breast Augmentation

This is intended for women whose breasts reduce in size after childbirth to restore their size and shape. The procedure also improves the appearance of sagging and asymmetrical breasts. Breast augmentation involves the use of silicone or saline, which add volume to the breasts. It might be done in conjunction with a breast lift.

Breast Reduction

The size of breasts for most women increases after childbirth. Overly enlarged breasts affect not only your self-esteem but also your overall body health. They result in skeletal deformities, breathing problems, improper body posture, and periodic pain. Breast reduction or reduction mammoplasty removes glandular tissue and fat and tightens the skin around your breasts resulting in a healthy breast proportion in relation to your body.

There is no need to have self-esteem issues because of your breast changes after pregnancy. You can get beautiful breasts through any of the above procedures depending on your problem. The ideal timing for breast makeovers after childbirth is after six months since your body undergoes various changes in the first postpartum months.

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