Life After Lost Teeth

Dentist explaining to assistant the progression of tooth loss

Although lost teeth can be great material for comedy sketches, in reality, losing one’s teeth is a distressing experience. If the teeth are gone from the front of the mouth, gaps can be very unsightly and it becomes very hard to bite into things successfully. If they are gone from the sides, chewing properly is much harder. With both, it becomes harder to speak clearly. However, in Milton Keynes, dental implants are fast becoming everyone’s first choice to replace these vital little parts of the body.

It’s only when the teeth are on their way out, or suddenly get knocked out, that people realised how much they need them, and how some methods of replacement aren’t all that desirable. Dental implants in Milton Keynes give people back the full functionality of their mouths, with no added embarrassment. They are available from various dental practices in the town, including Northlight Dental, and have multiple benefits.

Keeping the jaw in good shape

Dental implants are the only tooth replacement method that preserve the strength and density of the jawbone. The tiny posts that are inserted into the jawbone replace tooth roots. They perform the vital function of transmitting vibrations into the bone that tell the surrounding cells that the jaw is still being used for chewing food. Without this, the cells actively start to dissolve, and the jawbone gets spongey and shrinks, losing about 25% of its size and density in one year alone after tooth loss. Dental implants prevent the pointy chin and sunken face that jawbone loss creates.

Chewing power

Dental implants are anchored into the jawbone, where the bone and implant integrate with each other to form a very stable chewing base that can withstand multi-directional chewing forces of up to 200lbs or 97kg. This is more force than the average man’s chew.

Dietary freedom

Having a good strong chew means that patients can continue to eat whatever they like, from the crunchiest roast potatoes to the chewiest toffee.

Looking good

Dental implants in Milton Keynes are crafted by hand to blend in with the patient’s natural teeth. No one will ever know they are not real.

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