Mirrors for Maximum Magic: 4 Smart Ways to Open Up Your Space Effectively

Mirror on small space

As more homeowners embrace micro-living and eco-friendly living options, it’s no wonder that many living areas are now shrinking in size. While most homes and condominium units in Capitol Commons can easily be transformed with open floor plans, decorating smaller spaces such as studio apartments remains a big challenge. Without doing any major renovations, are there any ways to make a small living area appear larger than it truly is?

There’s one simple trick: mirrors. Many expert interior designers have sworn to this, and it does a lot of wonders in any small space. It’s perhaps the one major piece that owners should splurge on when it comes to decorating their small spaces. Mirrors are multi-functional, after all. Not only do they help make sure you look good, but they can also make spaces look double their original size while also emphasizing important furniture pieces and other elements in your room.

Here are some smart ways to utilize mirrors as design pieces to maximize space:

Make Use of Available Natural Light

When choosing where to place mirrors, interior designers often suggest putting them across huge windows. Through this trick, the mirror will reflect the views outdoors, which will then make the room appear more spacious and less cramped.

Put the Focus on Other Parts of Your Home

You can try accessorizing your mirrors by putting pieces of art in similar frames against them. If possible, use black frames for this to work, as the repetition of frames in this color will create a blurring effect on the lines present on the mirror’s edges.

By doing this, the mirror will reflect the beautiful artwork, doubling its appealing effect. This will result in a bigger-looking space, as it’ll be difficult to figure out where the room starts and the mirror begins.

Place One in the Kitchen

This might seem like an odd choice at first, but yes, mirrors in the kitchen work! Kitchens are usually one of the smallest spaces in any home, so it could definitely benefit from a well-placed mirror. Not only will this create an illusion of an added window that allows you to see the rooms beyond, but it keeps things safe as well. You can monitor what’s going on in the dining area behind you while you prepare meals.

Do a Closet Expansion

Closet with mirror

This one is a trick you can try in your bedroom. Mirrored closet doors can be incredibly useful for compact-sized bedrooms. Not only are these helpful for checking how you look before you head out, but they also make any space feel bigger than its real size.

With a simple white scheme in your bedroom, this could have an enormous effect in making your space look spacious and bright. This could also work if you don’t have enough wall space where you can hang mirrors.

The best thing about this design idea is that mirrors are relatively affordable. You’ll be able to make huge changes in the overall look of your space without spending a lot of money.

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