Making Your Business Better Through Good Company Culture


businessThere is no doubt that behind every successful brand is a healthy company culture. A company can only be as good as its culture. Bad culture, for instance, may result in increased employee attrition and a lack of motivation.

On the other hand, a company that fosters good corporate culture may result in increased productivity, lower employee turnover, and increased sense of purpose.

ILS Performance argues that culture affects two important aspects of business. They are:

  • Performance: A company with a healthy culture invites an environment that is geared towards learning, advancement, and excellence. Employees are motivated to be the best of what they can be at work, and they are willing to strive harder to become even better.
  • Strategy: Culture defines how a company would achieve its goals. Because both are aligned with each other, having a healthy company culture is tantamount to having a strong company strategy.
Fostering Good Company Culture

Because company culture plays a vital role in every business’ success, it is important to proactively foster an environment that would promote positive attitudes at work. Businesses in Singapore could benefit from leadership development and team competence workshops geared towards the development of a healthy organisation culture.

Using what they learn from these workshops, employees can follow a healthy work culture.

Culture Affects Your Brand

What is surprisingly good about a healthy company culture is that it also has its own way of affecting your brand. A good company environment can never be contained within the four corners of your workplace alone. It can also be seen on how well the employees design and manufacture their products, or how timely their deliveries are, or how excellent they are in dealing with customers.

Most importantly, employees get the chance to speak about how happy they are in their careers, which helps in communicating how well the brand is to the marketplace.

A good organisation adopts a good culture, because they know that a great working environment translates to better output and service to their customers and clients.

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