A Crash Course on Water Filtration and Purification

water filtration

water filtrationHome purification systems are relatively affordable these days. Many Aussie homeowners wonder what type of equipment or method is worth the investment. You may already be using a countertop water purifier at home, but it pays to have a working knowledge of water filters and purification methods. Here’s a quick overview.

Purification in a nutshell

Water purification involves the process of filtration through agents that remove the contaminants. Physical methods are quite effective in removing larger particles.

Aside from physical barriers, certain active compounds also separate the contaminants to make the water safe. This is a chemical filtration or decontamination process that removes unsavoury particles at the molecular level. Choose between gravity-based water filters installed over the faucet or a charcoal-based filter. There are many different types of commercially available systems; purchase a high quality product that is within your budget.

The overall efficacy of charcoal filters

In terms of popularity, most homeowners in Australia favour charcoal filtration systems. Charcoal is an effective water decontaminant because it has good absorptive capacities. It removes particles, trapped gases and latent chemicals as well.

Commercially available purification systems use activated carbon — a name used to denote its capacity to filter out impurities actively, including byproducts of chlorination. In high performance water purification systems for home use, the carbon is compacted into blocks and placed in the device, along with other substances that remove particulates.

Activated charcoal filters cannot remove metals, dissolved minerals and microorganisms such as potentially harmful bacteria from city water.

To ensure the removal of impurities, choose a filtration system that separates unwanted materials effectively. If you want safe water that tastes good as well, go for advanced systems that also remove minerals and evasive chemicals. Multiple stages of filtration are thus more reliable.

Water filters help remove harmful particles, giving you water that is safe to drink. However, not all water filters offer the same results. Invest in a good water purification system to be sure of the quality of water you drink.

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