Keep It Cool: Choosing the Most Suitable Commercial Air Conditioning Unit

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There is more to running a commercial building or warehouse than paying the rent and securing it. Keeping it conditioned, well lit and safe should be on top of the priority list. With air conditioning taking the bulk of many power consumption bills, paying attention to the efficiency of your commercial air conditioning systems could cut you some slack on the standing charges.

air conditioningEfficiency in Terms of Heating and Cooling

A good air conditioning system should handle both heating and cooling. When buying such a dual function system, being particular with its cooling energy efficiency ratio and the coefficient of performance when heating is the only way of choosing the best air conditioning system.
While you may not have to understand these values in details, going for a unit with a high overall performance score will keep you covered throughout the seasons.

Simplicity and Reliability

According to Apex Air conditioning, a complex system with a sophisticated control panel may increase your air conditioning efficiency. But, maintaining and servicing such a unit might be trickier. Choosing something that is compatible with the available skilled labor in your region ensures more availability.

The Size of the System

Commercial air conditioners are massive. After all, they are used for cooling huge spaces. The concept of saving power by purchasing a powerful unit rather than relying on a small one pushed to the limit must apply here. Moreover, seeking appropriate alternatives like the mere use of high volume fans to cool your warehouse rather than a ductless air conditioning system should keep your initial and maintenance costs in check.

The System’s Scalability

Sometimes, you might have to purchase your HVAC systems gradually. Purchasing a system that merges seamless with subsequent upgrades will save you both the cash and time you would have spent doing a complete overhaul.

Installing and maintaining commercial air conditioning units can be quite a task. Getting a reliable professional to monitor everything is the simplest way to keeping things under control.

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