How to Transform Egg Cartons Into Everyday Objects

We often throw egg cartons away after using them or, if we are thoughtful enough, we send them to the junkshop. We rarely think about what we can do with cardboard box separators. But the thing is, we can get nifty about the seemingly ordinary things that are around us every day. Egg cartons are no exception. There’s a multitude of things that you can do with their convenient, space-saving size and easy-to-decorate surface. The process of transforming them is enjoyable, too.

Here’s how you can reuse your next set of egg cartons:

Food holder

Other than eggs, you can put eclairs, cream puffs, chocolates, dry fruit, and candies on your little food holder. Since it’s cardboard, avoid storing moist food on it. If you must, you should add a small paper covering or harder, reusable plastic on top of the egg carton to put the food in. Then include some craft paper to cover it up or paint them with pastel colors. Doing this will make it look neat and cute on the table during your next gathering.

Artificial plant pot

people planting bonsai

This option goes for tiny artificial plants that can fit inside the carton. Real plants like cacti and succulents can fit as long as the separators are removed and the surface is protected enough to withstand soil moisture. The same goes for bonsai. But ideally, artificial plants look good, save space, and are more convenient.

Stationery Organizer

If your paper clips, staple wires, erasers, paper clamps, stamps, and other small stationery items are all over your desk, fear not! You can decorate your empty egg carton, preferably a neat and sleek black or white, and use them as a handy organizer for your office items. Not only will this clear the clutter on your workspace, but it can also give an ordered look to your things. You can even take away a divider or two and put in some notepads and pens if you wish to put bigger items.

Earphones Container

If you are more on the technological side but keep losing your valuable gadgets, such as earphone containers or flash drive holders, you can convert an egg carton into an organizer similar to the one mentioned above for stationery. You can also put an extra pair of earphones in the carton case your current one suddenly gives up on you. There are lots of options you can use when it comes to gadgets and egg cartons.

All it takes is a bit of creativity, along with the desire to conserve resources and help protect the planet. These activities are among the things you can do that are both enjoyable and helpful to the environment. Not only do you recycle stuff and exercise our creative juices, but you also end up setting an example for everyone. Someone will casually glance at your makeshift earphones container or see how organized your office items are inside the egg carton and think, “Hey, that looks like a good idea!” The next thing you know, everybody’s coming up with their own creative ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Saving the Earth becomes a communal, creative effort.

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