Going to Singapore for the First Time? Tips to Help You Have a Blast

Singapore is known for its modernity, luxuriousness, and size that’s easy to navigate. If you’re going here for the first time, you’d be marvelled right away from just the airport; Singapore Chang i Airport isn’t the world’s best airport for nothing. It has jaw-dropping views, exceptional features, and world-class amenities. You can already have a tour inside it and feel like you’ve just had an adventure!

But putting that aside, the country has a lot more offer other than its magnificent airport. Travelling around the city is hassle-free, and even if Singapore is also known for its strict rules and policies, those aren’t a reason to be intimidated and back out. To ensure your survival and enjoyment in this country, here are some tips to guide you:

1. Load Up on Cash

Even if almost anything can be enjoyed on a budget, it’ll still be safer and wiser to prepare a hefty amount of money when you’re going to Singapore. The extra cash would be handy for tours and other luxuries. Tipping isn’t a custom, but still encouraged. To save as much as you can, look for free and cheap activities; there are plenty of them in Singapore, too. Also head to the local hawker centres for authentic local meals. Food there is loads cheaper, but you have to anticipate long queues and less-than-ideal dining conditions. If hygiene is your priority, look for coloured placards with the letter “A”, which means “the best.”

2. Dress For The Weather

Singapore doesn’t have four seasons in a year, so it’s hot and humid all-year round (Usually over 30°C). Wear thin clothes, but also bring an umbrella because rains might occur. To be sure, check out weather forecasts. But in all cases, your coats won’t be needed.

3. Bring the Proper Outlet Adapter

The standard power plug used in Singapore is the one with three square prongs. If you don’t use that in your country, you’d need to buy an outlet adapter to be able to charge your electronics in Singapore.

4. Use Public Transport or Rent a Car

Public transportation in Singapore is safe and convenient, but if you’re a first-timer in the country and you’re not the most adept at remembering directions, you can instead opt for a car rental for private hire in Singapore. Private cars are no doubt preferable if you’re going to shop a lot, because commuting with your hands full of shopping bags is uncomfortable.

5. Never Smoke in Air-Conditioned Areas

This is a no-brainer, but the tip can still be necessary. In case you’re not aware yet, caning is a legal form of punishment in Singapore. This isn’t to say you’d be caned for smoking in air-conditioned areas, but rather to emphasize the importance of abiding by their laws.

6. Study the Duty-Free Concessions

Singapore is strict when it comes to the items that you bring in, and you may be bound to pay costly fines if you’re caught guilty of non-compliance. If you wish to bring alcoholic drinks to the country, you may bring one litre of both wine and beer, or two litres of wine and one of beer (or vice-versa). E-tobacco products are not allowed.

7. Follow The Rules

As mentioned, not following the rules in Singapore may doom you to painful consequences such as caning. Know the rules and regulations before arriving, and make sure to abide by them. If you have a habit of spitting in the streets, you must suppress your urges because that’s an absolute no-no in the country!

Though it might fall heavily in your pocket, travelling to Singapore is still a worthy addition to your bucket list. If you’re a smart traveller, you’d certainly find ways to enjoy the country on a tight budget. Once you experience this amazing country, you’d surely want to be back!

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