Home Renovation: Increasing Profits through Value Engineering

home rennovation

home rennovationThe idea of value engineering in terms of renovation is changing how real estate owners are viewing the profit of their property for sale. Due to the decline of the real estate market, this served as a wakeup call to consult with expert home renovators and contractors who can provide professional advice.

From the perspective of the home renovation process, value engineering is the analysis of a property that defines what kind of renovations is necessary to bring out its best possible value.

Determining the Market Value

One of the most important steps in value engineering is to know the market value of the property, including the market value of the renovated properties nearby. This is to find out if there’s room to make more profit. If the value of the non-renovated property is almost the same as the cost of a renovated home, then there’s no point in spending money for the renovation as you’re sure to spend and mark your property higher than their price.

Determining the Renovation Value

Next is defining the value that a renovation will add to the property. You might need the help of a local real estate office or a qualified appraiser to do this. They’re knowledgeable in comparable market analysis, so they can determine the value of your home properly. They look at similar properties that have recently sold near your home, too.

Determining the Appraiser Database

Using the data collected, appraisers are able to adjust the price according to the condition of the property and its renovations. For example, the addition of a second bathroom can increase your home value by $8000, and an updated kitchen by $6000or more depending on how extensive the renovation and upgrades are.

Regardless of how simple the renovation is, it can still add to the value of the real estate. With value engineering, you can find what areas need improvement and avoid spending more.

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