Where to Hold Business Meetings? Pick One of These 5 Venues!

Business Meetings

Business MeetingsA productive business meeting means that everyone present should be engaged in – or at least listening intently to – whatever’s being discussed. But, the day-to-day monotony of holding meetings for the nth time inside the boardroom or in a cubicle can dilute any office worker’s enthusiasm for meetings.

Great Meeting Venues to Try

If you find yourself or your teammates present at the meeting bored or unable to concentrate, perhaps it’s time to pick a different venue. Perhaps someplace more quiet, less cold or comfier than your usual meeting place. You’ll enjoy a different setting, and actually get some work done, too. Here are 7 suggestions you may want to consider:

1. A restaurant. Try sitting down in one of the restaurants in your area. If you live in the Shorncliffe suburbs, for example, there are plenty of restaurants that could accommodate a decently-sized team, such as The Full Moon Hotel. Why not tackle important office issues over some great food?
2. A library. It’s quiet, it’s got long tables, and it’s an environment conducive to thinking. It’s also quite relaxing. Just don’t be too loud when you’re talking, though.
3. Your own home. You could also just invite your team over to your house. This works especially well if you’re officiating the meeting – you’ll be right at home, literally and figuratively, free from the inherent stress and pressure that comes with the very idea of the workplace.
4. A coffee shop. It’s challenging to think of a place that offers everything an office does, yet isn’t an office: great ambiance, plenty of tables and chairs, and most importantly, coffee.
5. A spa. This is perfect for meetings discussing topics that border on stressful. Rent out a meeting room and bask in the relaxing atmosphere as well as the benefits of aromatherapy, which combines natural scents and a warm, confined space.

Ultimately, the meeting venue should only be a secondary concern. As long as everyone there is physically and mentally present, your meeting will definitely be productive and successful.

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