A Guide to Moving In the 3 Most Awkward of Furniture


SofaMoving into a new home is a stressful task; trying to fit a 32-inch TV or a family-sized couch through a narrow door is even more stressful.

Every household’s got that one stubborn furniture that makes moving day difficult. It can be a well-loved mattress, a computer set tangled in wires or a washing machine bigger than you. When your new home has a narrow main door, getting these things in seems like a false hope.

Moving in awkward and heavy furniture such as pianos, plasmas and pool tables usually require the help of specially designed trolleys or lifting equipment. Ezi Removals Perth noted that moving specialists are available to save a mover’s day.

Nevertheless, there are ways to move these awkward items:

Moving Large Screen TVs

Place the television set back in its box for extra protection. It’s important to wrap something around the TV to reduce the risk of shattering. Figure out which sides the TV will most like fit—horizontally or vertically. If the front door is not an option, try the windows or your balcony, but this may require extra manpower.

Moving the Sofa

It’s best to measure the sofa before you move to your new home. This will give you an idea if it will fit through your door. Try and see if you can remove the legs first. If you’re moving your sofa to a carpeted space, place cardboard on the floor to make it slide. Another trick is to make it stand on the end to get it through the door.

Remove the cushions and make sure you have enough help to move.

Moving the Refrigerator

Many people find it hard to move the fridge. What they fail to do is to measure the fridge before the move. This will give you an idea if it will fit through the door or if you need to remove the hinges. Next, remove all the contents of the fridge and unplug. Allow your fridge to defrost and clean it afterwards.

Using a dolly is the best option you have. Slide it underneath your fridge and make sure your fridge is kept away from the wall. Tie the fridge to the dolly with moving straps for extra security. Once it’s in position, you’ll need another pair of hands to support the front. Guide it sideways through the door and do this slowly to avoid scratches.

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